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About Us

For over 40 years, Owner Richard Dietrich has built a solid reputation as one of Central New Jerseys most trusted and knowledgeable Stone Sources. D & L Stone is committed to providing quality service to the area. The Dietrich family believe that a good reputation and consistent service is the key to maintaining customer loyalty.

Richard started in the business at the age of 14 working  in the masonry and stone supply business all through high school and college after graduating with a degree in business management he took a short break to work in a suit and tie  but quickly returned to his passion, working with stone.  After a generous offer from his former employer to take over the business we have grown and expanded and have supplied  all types of natural stone over the years. The wealth of information that has been garnered through hard work and experience is gladly shared with our customers both old and new. 

Our company has evolved into a wholesale outlet serving stone professionals with quality stone from quarries we take pride in representing.

Our mission is to give you the right information to make the right choice even if we can't supply  you with the right product this time.  We will continue to provide that type service, knowing that making sure you that know what the right use of a specific stone is. This will only help keep natures product a safe, long lasting and beautiful addition to your project and in the end keep our reputation of providing the best nature has to offer.  ......Solid as a rock.

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